SUNDAYS - twice a month | 9:30-10:30am | $5 per child

Feb. 9, Mar 1, 15 & 29, April 12 & 26

Please see CALENDAR  for up-to-date schedule. 

Twice a month, our kids meditation class welcomes children and their parents to join a special class dedicated to meditation and cultivating positive qualities such as inner calm. The class will teach children practical methods for managing challenging situations at school, at home or at play by applying Buddha’s teachings.

Each class includes some meditation instruction, a brief meditation, a group story and playful activities such as arts/crafts, songs and games … and a concluding snack time. Feel free to bring healthy snacks to share!

 These classes are designed for children ages 4 to 10. We ask that an adult accompany children.
LOCATION | 360C Centre St, Jamaica Plain

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Our team of Kids' Teachers love to share their experience of meditation in practical and fun ways for families that attend class.  Kids meditation class time is not only used to instruct and inspire kids; there is dedicated time towards the end for parents to get together and discuss skillful ways to apply the lessons from class into their daily routines. Our teachers are: Nixie Raymond, Shannon Seaver, Michelle Toppi and Nini Rodriguez.


Q) Do I or my child need to have experience in meditation or Buddhism to attend your Kids Meditation class?
No experience in meditation or Buddhism is necessary to attend. Meditation for Kids was designed to help children reach their full potential through learning meditations and simple lessons from Buddhist teachings that nurture the inner skills they need to be happy and confident in life.

Q) What does a typical Kids Meditation class look like?
Each class will include simple, guided meditations that children and families can begin to introduce into daily life. Classes will usually include a short talk on methods to calm the mind and ways to deal with negative feelings, discussions about everyday experiences relevant to children, and fun activities that foster habits such as kindness, cooperation, patience and giving. Classes are as interactive as possible to allow children time to explore and grow into meditation.

Q) What if my child has a hard time sitting still?
Many people think children can’t meditate because they have difficulty sitting still, but this simply is not true. Although sitting still is helpful during meditation practice, it is not required; we can meditate during all of our daily activities simply by holding a positive state of mind, such as love or compassion. Since all children can learn positive ways of thinking, even about challenging situations, they can definitely learn to meditate, even if they have difficulty sitting still. Like any skill, meditation takes practice. In these classes, children will learn short, guided meditations. As children practice and gain experience, they will be able to sit quietly for longer periods of time.