The Joy of Meditation: Wednesdays at 7:00pm – 7:45pm with Joe Kovaz

Everybody needs joy in their life, especially right now. In this class, Joe will explain for both beginners and experienced meditators how through a simple meditation we can access a profound and authentic joy in our heart. Each class includes an opportunity to engage in guided meditation practice.

This class aims at supporting and encouraging participants to begin and/or stabilize a regular meditation practice at home. Joe will show how we can carry this joy in our daily life, giving us an optimistic, flexible mind with which to transform the difficulties we encounter regularly. Not only does this empower us to live joyfully, but also purposefully,  as this joy connects us to our extraordinary potential for growth as well as our ability to bring  joy into the lives of others.

April 14: Week 1 - Finding happiness from a different source
April 21: Week 2 - Recognizing our own Pure Potential
April 28: Week 3 - Recognizing the Pure Potential of Others

Register below. Everyone is welcome! $8 / free for monthly members. This event will be held online via a Zoom webinar. After registering for a class below you will receive the Zoom details. This class is also available for replay for 48 hours.


Resource links:

These classes are based on the book, The New Eight Steps to Happiness. You can purchase a paper copy or a digital copy here.

New to meditation? Try out the three guided breathing meditations contained within Meditations for Relaxation (MP3) available for download here

If you wish to continue your practice at home, you can find the Meditations for a Clear Mind (MP3) available for download here .

Want to go deeper? Check out the Foundation Program for a systematic study of Buddha’s teachings that can provide you with a foundation for a strong daily practice.



This weekly class is being offered by livestream for residents of Massachusetts*, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine (*except those living in southern Plymouth county, Bristol county, Cape Cod and the islands; for those areas please visit our sister center at

Joe Kovaz was first introduced to the New Kadampa Tradition at Kadampa Meditation Center South Carolina in 2009.  After several years of study in General Program classes and formally in Foundation Program and Teacher Training Program classes, Joe began teaching meditation classes at KMC South Carolina several years ago.  Joe especially cherishes the opportunity to teach meditation classes to beginners and seeks ways to make his classes very practical and meaningful for participants.  Joe and his family recently moved to Maine where Joe teaches science and math at a public charter high school.  Joe's partner, Susan is also an experienced Dharma teacher and she teaches Kid’s Class regularly.

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  • Meditation Class
    April 21, 2021
    7:00 pm - 7:45 pm
  • Meditation Class
    April 28, 2021
    7:00 pm - 7:45 pm