Berklee College of Music

Meditation & Stress Management

Friday, March 11 from 2-3pm

In the last hundred years we have witnessed remarkable developments in technology. We can access endless amounts of information on our digital devices. But are we losing the ability to access a peaceful mind? Never before have we been so connected, but articles and studies are tracking the growing increase in loneliness and other issues of mental health. Buddha's teachings and meditations can provide us with timeless tools to address our human condition. They can help us become someone who is less stressed, less lonely, less frustrated, and by practicing this ancient wisdom we can bring about our potential for more confidence, purpose, patience and above all kindness.
Gen Khedrub will share a Buddhist approach to modern stress, offer some simple guided meditation and be open for Q&A on how Buddha's teaching could illuminate our modern day challenges.
The next event at Berklee College of Music. . .  stay tuned for details.


Would you like to enjoy live guided meditations for your school or workplace too?

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  • March 11, 2022
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm