Relax & Rejuvenate: Tuesdays at 6:30pm with Gen Khedrub & Tiphaine Perrier

Our mind has incredible power, to imagine and create things or to envision and bring about a better world. But it can also get stuck in the same mental patterns or just not being able to simply relax and feel at peace. Meditation is a tool that we can all use to transform our mind, (more…)

Free Outdoor Meditation – Friday at 6:30pm with Gen Khedrub

Curious about meditation and mindfulness? Let’s enjoy some FREE Outdoor Meditation in the beautiful surroundings of Boston Public Garden together! Discover how meditation can empower us to live joyfully, but also purposefully, and how it can help us to find some inner calm, and to reconnect with our limitless potential.  What better way to relax (more…)

Meditations for a Kind Heart – Sundays at 11am with Gen Khedrub

A kind heart is a special mental attitude that cherishes other people at least as much as we cherish ourselves. Learning to cherish others is the best way to improve our relationships and find real happiness. Buddha gave many simple and effective techniques to access the wisdom that empowers our kindness and that cuts through (more…)