International Summer Festival

THE VERY ESSENCE OF MODERN KADAMPA BUDDHISM The NKT-IKBU International Summer Festival 2021, July 30 - August 14 - two weeks of inspiring empowerments and teachings from the two most senior Teachers in NKT, with a short retreat in each week - a rare and precious opportunity to enjoy the essential practices of Modern Kadampa (more…)

Resting the Mind: The practice of Buddha Heruka Saturday, August 21 with Gen Khedrub

By relying upon the meditation practice of Buddha Heruka we can swiftly attain a selfless joy and bring true happiness to ourself and others. Gen Khedrub will share practical instructions on Heruka body mandala practice for those who have recently attended the International Kadampa Buddhist  Summer Festival. This course is open to everyone who has (more…)

Maine Summer Tour: August 24 thru August 28 with Gen Khedrub

Curious about meditation and mindfulness? Let’s enjoy some FREE Outdoor Meditation in the beautiful surroundings public parts throughout Maine! Discover how meditation can empower us to live joyfully, but also purposefully, and how it can help us to find some inner calm, and to reconnect with our limitless potential.  What better way to relax than (more…)

Northeast Dharma Celebration 2021: Long Life, Wisdom & Merit

Buddha Amitayus Empowerment & Teachings on the Conditions for Gaining Realizations The 2021 Northeast Dharma Celebration will be held September 10-12 in-person at the US World Peace Temple at Kadampa Meditation Center New York, and will also be available online. Join in with hundreds of fellow meditators throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States in receiving (more…)