2017 Year At A Glance

August 6 – 27 (Sunday Mornings)Boundless Heart (Inner Vacation Series)
August 8 – 29 (Tuesday Evenings)Just Breathe (Inner Vacation Series)
August 15Special Meditation Class with Buddhist Monk Gen Dorje in Copley Square, Boston
September 5 – 19 (Tuesday Evenings)Finding Balance (Drop-in Class)
September 26 – October 17 (Tuesday Evenings)The Art of Positive Thinking
September 30Reliance in Modern Times with Gen-la Jampa
October 1Creating A Spiritual Community with Gen-la Jampa
October 7Open House (Hosted in Spanish)
October 20 – 22Mindfulness in Daily Life (Weekend Retreat in the Catskills)
October 24 – November 7 (Tuesday Evenings)Overcoming Anger & Irritation
November 11The Blessing Empowerment of Buddha Shakyamuni
November 18Learn to Meditate
November 18Aprender a Meditar en Español